The Streets of Prague

(© Kevin Gavidia)

While my visit to Berlin we spontaneously decided to drive to Prague and I have to say that the moment  we pulled up into the city center, I fell in love. It was as if we were walking inside of a snow globe, it was simply magical. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this lovely city, then you must go, no excuses.


The Bedroom Series: RJ

(© Kevin Gavidia)

I welcome you to the bedroom, a mere sanctuary where people can be themselves.
I begin this bedroom series with the guy I love.

It's a Nirvana kind of night

(Come as You Are, Smells like Teen Spirit, You know You're Right)

Berlin (Photographs coming soon)

(The Reichstag Building via instagram)
I have recently visited Berlin, Germany and absolutely fell in love.
Photographs coming soon. 


(© Kevin Gavidia)

The relationship between the complex mind and the physical body.
Final project for my 35mm film class.



Clarity has been absent for the passed few months, but I am glad that things are starting to finally clear up. No more confusion, things are now out in the open.

B&W 35mm Film. 


Interesting Faces: Lindsey Wixson

As a photographer I am very attracted to different types of beauty. I was never drawn to the typical cookie  cutter type of models because there are so many other looks out there. I really do appreciate that the fashion industry is slowly starting to open up to different types of beauty.