Mona Kuhn

Photographed by Mona Kuhn.
My professor showed us some of her work in class and I absolutely loved it. 


Happy Thursday

I came home from work to find my magazines in the mail, I am now happy. 
It's gloomy outside and the perfect day to lay back in bed and enjoy these magazines. 


Welcome to the 90's

I was screening a commercial at work this morning and Another Night by Real McCoy was playing in the background and it took me right back to the 90's, it triggered me to go on youtube and listen to the whole song. 

Filippo Minelli

Photographer Filippo Minelli uses handmade smoke bombs to capture these photographs. 

New York Fashion Week: Rag & Bone F/W 2012

I have always enjoyed the clothing of David Neville and Marcus Wainwright. Do I think it's anything groundbreaking or different? No, not so much but I would have a few pieces in my closet. 


Into The Woods

Model: Nathan Burgess
Photographed by me in Central Park.

Miike Snow

I am going to see them in April 26th in Terminal 5. I am so excited!

Naked Minded

I absolutely love windows.
Self Portraits by me.

Todd Hido

Photography by Todd Hido

Martin Schoeller

Photography by Martin Schoeller 

Rineke Dijkstra

Portraits by Rineke Dijkstra.
Our assignment for class next week is to take portraits of strangers in the streets and that is exactly what Rieke Dijkstra does in the beach.


My name is Kevin and I am a photographer running around the streets of New York City with a Canon 7D in my hand. I am very attracted to aesthetics and imagery but at the same time I believe that there is so much more depth to things than it's general appearance. This isn't a photography blog nor is it a fashion blog, it is a mere reflection of my uncensored mind.